About GooseCommunity

About Goose Community

GooseCommunity (GC) is a special project of Western Sun Foundation (WSF), a non-profit organization, created and run by an all volunteer group of Goose fans from across the United States. GC's goal is to create something of and for this community, an extension of the unique and totally special live music experience, and a gateway for fans to transform shared passion and energy into action. GC hopes to grow and share the magic of the Goose community by creating a supportive, interactive virtual space for fans to explore, engage and connect, all in support of Western Sun Foundation's philanthropic efforts.

If you'd like to learn more about creating a GooseCommunity account and how to use the website, please click here.

We are so grateful to have you here and would like to introduce you to some of the amazing volunteers below who have helped contribute to the GooseCommunity project.

Website Development

Daniel Baron

Erica Dellon

Chelsea Moore

Laura Mertz

Project Management

Candace Foley

Jason Foley

Dave Struss

Jon Gruenke

Kris Ramirez

Lauren Dawson

Content Management

Abby Fox Matthews

Adam Berta

Alexius Lipot

Andres Garcia

Daisy Havens

Darian Shuker

Jason Lipot

Jess Hendrix

Jim Willis

Jonathan Werner

Justin Wolfe

Kevin Negron

Lisa Governa

Marc Komito

Matt Angelo

Nick Richardson

Scott Achs

Scott Mitchell

Scott Stevenson

Tim Gnatek

Val Walis


Angela Lindsay

Bruce Robinson

Jessica Dubois

Lindsay Potts

Western Sun Foundation Board of Directors

Sarah Blazincic


Angela Lindsay

Vice President

Stephanie Belcher


Tim Gnatek

Board Member

Deepak Sarma

Board Member

Michael Huxley

Board Member


GooseCommunity is a project of Western Sun Foundation, a non-profit organization. 
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