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Talk to Me Goose!

Kevin Long |
Grateful Music

Goose is a young band currently breaking onto the national scene. They are hitting the festival circuit hard this summer combined with a slew of tour dates. We here at Grateful Music know they are about to germinate onto your musical radars very soon. Recently, we sat down with the band so they could satisfy our curiosity by answering a few questions.

G.M. I read you are from Norwalk, Connecticut. How did y’all meet and how long have you been playing music together?

Rick, Peter and Trevor all grew up in Wilton (next door to Norwalk) and met via various musical projects stemming out of high school. Rick then met Ben while both attending Berklee College of Music in Boston. Though none of us met in Norwalk, it has become the home base since the inception of the group in 2014. The band has faced a few line up changes, but Ben, Rick and Trevor are all founding members. Peter was welcomed into the band near the end of 2017 at our annual holiday show, Goosemas.