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Oh, What A Day To Be Living: Goose Closes Historic 5-Night Run At The Cap

Marc Komito |
Live For Live Music

Goose capped a historic five-night run at The Capitol Theatre on Sunday night with what many will claim was the residency’s strongest installment. After Goose laid out a career-spanning tapestry over the course of the week—playing a repeat-free run of 64 songs including a whopping 60 originals and nearly as many new songs (3) as covers (4)—trying to sort these shows from best to worst is both highly subjective and a fool’s errand. It’s hard to pinpoint whether Rick Mitarotonda, Peter Anspach, Ben Atkind, Trevor Weekz, and Jeff Arevalo‘s most noteworthy talent as a group is their songwriting or their ability to find magic in uncharted territory.