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Goose Weaves More Loose Ends Into Capitol Theatre Tapestry On Night Two

Marc Komito |
Live For Live Music

On Thursday night, Goose continued weaving a five-night tapestry at The Capitol Theatre with the second of five sold-out nights at the historic rock palace in Port Chester, NY. Much like Dave Kloc and Max Mahn‘s six-part poster run for the week–one for each show, plus a bonus–every night of this run will stand on its own merits while adding to the mosaic of the residency at large. On night two, Goose began connecting the Cap shows with the connective thread of “Loose Ends”: After teasing the tune during a massive “Drive” on night one, the band once again twisted “Loose Ends” into a tentpole jam on night two—this time, a late-show “Madhuvan”. No doubt that thread will continue to unravel and intertwine in new ways as the run continues to take shape.