The Capitol Theatre

March 10th, 2023
Port Chester
, NY
March 10th, 2023
Port Chester
, NY

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Set 1

  • Animal
  • Flodown
  • Everything Must Go
  • The Whales
  • Turbulence & The Night Rays
  • Lead Up
  • Thatch

Set 2

  • Creatures
  • Red Bird
  • In Your Eyes [2]
  • Arise
  • Hot Tea

Set 3

  • Mustang Sally [3]

Coach's Notes

[1] FTP.
[2] Peter Gabriel.
[3] Wilson Pickett. With Jimmy Fallon on vocals.

Soundcheck: Everything Must Go, In Your Eyes (this soundcheck is incomplete)

Coach's Corner: Mustang Sally was played for the first time since January 26, 2022 (91 shows).


Goose Gets A Little Weird On Night Three At The Capitol Theatre

Mark Komito | Live For Live Music | March 11th, 2023

With two down and three to go in a five-night stand at The Capitol Theatre, Goose ventured into the uncharted territory of the band’s first-ever run of longer than two nights pledging “Things are going to get weird.” Even though Jimmy Fallon was on hand to grab headlines and help the band deliver on that promise, the central theme of these five nights continues to be Goose’s music and live production value. Whereas night one seemed to be centered around deep improvisation and night two was a banger with a higher volume of standard-play length songs, night three was a high-energy affair with a thoughtful mix of the two. The first set featured a song-heavy list of the band’s newest material while, by contrast, the second was highlighted by a nearly 20-minute “Creatures”, not to mention a ridiculous and elusive take on Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes”.

Jimmy Fallon Joins Goose for “Mustang Sally” in Port Chester | March 11th, 2023

Last night, Goose performed the third of five evenings at The Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, N.Y. With the beautiful ornate walls of the premiere rock venue feeling like home to the band, they ripped through many standout moments throughout the night, including the debut of their new song “Lead Up” in the first set and a cover of Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes” during the second, but nothing was as entertaining their encore, which featured a high energy rendition of “Mustang Sally” with Late Night‘s Jimmy Fallon.The surprise sit-in marked the band’s first time performing the track since Jan. 26, 2022, or 91 shows ago, but never have they shown such shared jubilation on stage.


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