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Shenanigans Nite Club


  • So Ready

  • (s∆tellite)

  • Madhuvan
  • SOS
  • (dawn)
  • flodown
  • Spirit of the Dark Horse
  • (7hunder)
  • The Labyrinth

Album Reviews

Goose’s “Shenanigans Nite Club” — Likeable and Durable

Scott McLennan | the arts fuse | June 9, 2021
Some positive arts stories came out of the pandemic: for example, the well-deserved but oddly timed rise of the band Goose. The Connecticut group was already on a roll before the COVID-induced shut down.

Hearing Aide: Goose 'Shenanigans Nite Club'

Marc Komito | NYS Music | June 11, 2021

Preference in music is the very definition of subjectivity, definitively so in fact. Whereas reviewing a live show is more of a this is what happened and what it felt like to be there kind of thing, album reviews, on the other hand, tend to read like conclusive statements of what the reader will hear, feel, or whether the album’s intent will resonate with the reader/listener in any deeper sense.

Goose Flaunts Its Shining Musical & Vocal Talents With Breakout LP ‘Shenanigans Nite Club

Dave Goodwich | glide magazine | June 2, 2021

“Good things come to those who wait”

There are, perhaps, few other current musical acts to which this old adage could more appropriately be applied than live phenoms, Goose.

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so ready



spirit of the dark horse


the labyrinth

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